Write Your Rainbow Story

One sentence of your story might make someone’s day, brighten their future and save their lives. Take a deep breath, be emotional and share with us your journey.

Note: Stories and/or secrets can be anonymous or you can choose to share your name, if you feel comfortable to do so. To protect your privacy, we DO NOT collect or use any of your personal information whatsoever. Please feel free to say what you have in your mind and we are looking forward to reading your story.

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As we fully respect your privacy, it’s okay if you choose not to share your photo. Instead, we will use your name to create an image to use as the feature image of your story. You don’t have to take any action. Thank you for sharing your rainbow story with us!

If you would like to share your photo with us, please select your photo and click ‘Upload’ to share. Thank you very much!

Note: Make sure your file name is the same as the name you’ve used when you share story with us. 

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