“Life, for us in this society, could be as good as yours”
“Before Christmas a friend said “You and Chris aren’t very affectionate in public. Is it because you just aren’t very affectionate or is it something else?” The thing is, from my perspective, I always thought we actually were. If we’re dining with friends and Chris is beside me I’ll casually place my hand on his back and give him a light caress perhaps even a brief head rub. I may even lean against him if the situation allows. But, I guess I pay more attention to that than my friends because most times I express my connection with him it’s actually personally confronting. I know people may see it. I know it may challenge their perception of love. I know it may have awkward consequence. Yet, the thing is, whenever we have shown affection to each other there was no consequence. It was only a relatively recent walk of the dog, where we weren’t being expressive at all, that some bogan shouted “faggots” from a passing car. It’s the fear of that happening in a restaurant, in close proximity, that may impact our friends or family that make being ourselves in public challenging. My loved ones, my family and friends, don’t bat an eyelid. Perhaps it doesn’t register with them at all because whatever they see is a natural reflection of the affection of two people and for that I am so grateful.

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