“I am living a life where the family wants me to, the society wants me to.”
One of the biggest regret in my life is I attempted suicide at the age of 13. Back in junior high school I do not know what is it to be gay, and the idea of a guy love another guy freaked me out. With peers calling me a freak, the guy I fell in love with rejected me and my academic performance fell far below my expectations, I came out with the idea of ending all this tragedy. I used to see the world pretty narrowly, just follow parents and sisters’ footstep study hard and become a doctor as such. It did not make me feel happy; in fact, I feel like I am living a life where the family wants me to, the society wants me to. Growing up in a suppressed society, I do not have the courage to loosen a bit and freely be myself. Picture I always look around and see if people are seeing me differently. Those days of bullying did not vanish from my mind and accompany me all the way to senior high school, where everything changed dramatically. I fell in love with a guy and he introduced me to a new world and most certainly opened a brand new territory. Since then, I started to come out to my classmates and teachers, all of them are, to my surprise, very supportive and encourage me to be who I truly am. I became an activist in LGBT rights by various of activities and participated in pride parade in Taipei. I know it is 2017, majority of Australian and Taiwanese accept LGBT community and happy to embrace the differences; however, it is still not the case in many countries. Remembered one time when I am traveling with my partner, we would need a blanket to cover our tight-holding hands in order to avoid other passenger’s discomfort. Not be able to freely express our love to the other hurt me a lot, and I believe there are thousands of gay couples out there who is experiencing every single day of their life, a life to heterosexual couple cannot be simple enough, for us might be a big price to pay. I am Chris, a proud gay man living in Melbourne, Australia in 2017. It’s time for us to face the challenge ahead, no matter it is to stand up against homophobic or deliver the message that we want an equal right to marry my man or to live a freely couple life, it is about time.

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