We would like to continue the website and this project with the aim to hire a space to display stories in a gallery to be shared as a community event every year. Different stories from different people will be displayed for public reading.

    Donation will go towards:
  • Running and maintaining My Rainbow Story Project’s website;
  • Promotional materials (e.g. banners, flyers, cards etc) for events; and,
  • Future gallery exhibition.
  • Note that all project team members contribute their time voluntarily and no donated funds are used in remuneration.

    ​Please feel free to donate what you can, every little bit helps. Thank you! ​
    Online bank transfer
    Should you wish to do an online bank transfer, please find our account details below.
    Account name: My Rainbow Story Project
    BSB: 063163
    ​Account number: 1087 0360
    Local bank cheque
    Should you wish to send a cheque to us, please mail it to our mailing address below.
    Cheque payable to: My Rainbow Story Project

    ​PO Box 370,