My Bisexual Friend Had Three Men In One Night

I was working on the cruise ship “SS Dolphin IV” in 1997 as an Assistant Purser. I was new, as were three women who also joined the ship at the same time. One of these was Maisie. She was British, slightly short at about five feet something, blond hair, with a happy smile. She was friendly and together with the two other women, the four of us got on well. Working on a cruise

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What I Learned From Lesbian On An LGBT Cruise

The “SS Dolphin IV” cruise ship was docked at Port Canaveral in 1996. I was a Ship’s Purser, working in the office where the paperwork was done, passports were made ready for inspection, cabins were allocated and money was counted. This 4-day cruise to Freeport, Bahamas and Key West had been booked by around 1,200 LGBT people, who gaily decked the ship with a rainbow flag. As the ship set sail, I wondered what

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I Was Rude To My Gay Acting Teacher – And I Apologise

I had been living in London for about a year. I had left home at 22, leaving my family in the countryside and travelled to London by coach. Now it was 1995, I had just seen “Hot Shoe Shuffle”, the tap-dancing West End musical in the theatre, and felt suddenly inspired to take up dancing and acting. I subsequently enrolled in a tap-dancing class based in St. John’s Wood, a district of London. I

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The First Girl That I Ever Kissed Was A Lesbian

I have always loved women. Of course, that doesn’t mean I didn’t go through that boyhood phase of “boys are better than girls – na na, nana, na” or “kissing girls – ew, gross” that every 7-year-old male seems to experience. However, loving women everywhere has been part of my life since I was at least 11. Why 11? Well, that was the age that I experienced rejection from boys my own age. For

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I Thought I Was LGBT For Six Months When I Was 14

Coming out is not easy, as every LGBT person will tell you but before any of that even happens is the struggle to figure out what on earth is going on regarding sexuality in the first place. Are you gay, lesbian, bi, trans?Some LGBT people seem to have it figured out at a young age. They suspect that they might be gay or lesbian for a long time as a kid and the gradually

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“To my biological family, I forgive you, for neglecting me, for not accepting me and …”

I don’t normally do this but I thought it’d be nice to let it go to the universe (media is a fraction of it) and release me from the bottled feelings. I never got to do this for myself, this is the first time I am writing a letter, to myself and those who are interested in reading. To my biological family, I forgive you, for neglecting me, for not accepting me and for putting me

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“For months, I couldn’t forgive myself”

What is the biggest regret you have in your life and how has that affected you? If you have another chance, what would you do differently? ​ When I was 15, my grandma passed away and I didn’t know about it. My parents chose not to tell me because I was in the middle of high school entrance examination. They knew it would affect me if I was informed. So they told me that

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“Life, for us in this society, could be as good as yours”

“Before Christmas a friend said “You and Chris aren’t very affectionate in public. Is it because you just aren’t very affectionate or is it something else?” The thing is, from my perspective, I always thought we actually were. If we’re dining with friends and Chris is beside me I’ll casually place my hand on his back and give him a light caress perhaps even a brief head rub. I may even lean against him if the

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“I’m not feeling right… I’m not your son anymore… I’m your daughter. Please don’t hate me…”

Coming out as gay and coming out as trans are two very different things. It’s not just one little coming out; it’s this giant switch and some people choose to take it slowly, and some people do it in one big motion. I was scared of taking it too quickly and hurting people. It’s not just something that affects you; it affects family and relationships and everything changes. Before I turned fourteen I had

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“Oh my God, I haven’t actually ‘lived’…”

I remember thinking when I was 25 that the most important thing was just to live life – to travel, to see different things, to experience life ‘in the raw’, to have great loves, read sublime literature, to learn new things, to have memories… My greatest fear was to reach the age of 80 and think: ‘Oh my God, I haven’t actually ‘lived’. Well, nearly a quarter of a century later, I continue to believe

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