“At times, I feel totally exhausted and lost…”
The word FAMILY means different things to different people. To me, it means the love I have towards my husband and kids, the support I can offer to all of them, the happiness of creating a life journey together, and a responsibility in which I have to embrace and honour all my life. My kids will grow up pretty quickly and eventually, they will go away and create their own life journey but my status as a parent never ends. I will always be there for them and to protect them. One of the main challenges of having a family is the expectation of making things right and try to be the best of myself. Kids learn from their parents and my kids will learn a lot from me. I am their primary role model and I need to be able to show to them that no matter what happens in life, as long as we don’t give up, we can build strength and resilience through challenges. My kids mean the whole world to me. I have a little boy and a little girl, both gorgeous and wonderful human beings. Picture The time when they came into my life, I knew that my life is no longer mine. I have more responsibilities and work to do to take care of them and educate them. I have to spend time with them, making sure of their safety and wellbeing. I have to prepare food for them so that they are well-fed and grow healthily and many many more… It’s very tiring to be honest, and at times, I feel totally exhausted and lost; however, I very much enjoy looking at them smiling at me, calling me ‘mummy’, playing little tricks with me to get my attention, listening to them saying ‘I love you, mummy’ etc. Yes, it’s definitely not an easy ‘job’ at all but it’s absolutely a rewarding one. My kids are my future and I want them to be successful and happy. That means, I am successful and happy too. I love you, my husband, Matthias, and Sophie.

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