‘My Rainbow Story Project’ is an ongoing community initiative, raising awareness within society to help others to reflect, learn, and appreciate their own journey through reading other people’s stories and/or little secrets that affect their lives in many ways. We all have things in ourselves in which we are afraid or reluctant to tell others due to the fear of being judged. To some people, we fear that if we tell our stories or secrets, which have been affecting our lives, to others, we might lose our family, friendships, love, support etc.


The project values honesty, diversity and inclusiveness. We welcome stories from any individuals regardless of your age, race, background, sexual orientation, religion, and culture. Sharing stories, empowering lives!


Harbouring a grudge without letting it out can increase resentment and personal conflict. The expression “clearing the air” does exactly that. Once the feelings have been expressed, the person divulging their emotions feels a sense of relief and peace of mind. The right story at the right time, can save someone’s life and everyone’s story matters.


Our aim is to provide a safe space where you can contribute your own story, as a way to inspire, connect, and help others to appreciate their own journey through your sharing. The project offers you the opportunity to express your feelings and thoughts without any fear. You may choose to remain anonymous if you wish and we totally respect your privacy.


All stories will become part of a community exhibition that celebrates our community’s diversity resilience, and strength. We envisage this as an ongoing project, with contributions of individual stories forming the basis of social advocacy initiatives (more support for the community), and eventually the publication of a story book as future resources to benefit our community in many ways. Let’s work together and make our community stronger through this meaningful initiative.

We Welcome Stories From

Any individuals who are experiencing social oppression, stigmatisation, discrimination, abuse, violence etc.

Individuals living with HIV.

LGBT community

Individuals who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer (GLBTIQ).

Individuals who have a drug, alcohol, gambling, or homelessness issue.


Young teenagers or youth.

Anyone in the society regardless of your sexual orientation or circumstances, you are most welcome to share your story with us.

Meet Our Team

Coby Liew

Founder and Project Director​

Coby is an experienced psychotherapist and social worker, and he is highly passionate in working with individuals and communities from different backgrounds and cultures. He has a collective ten years of working experience in various fields such as mental health and disability, community engagement and development, higher education, human services, primary and high school education, event and project management, customer services, as well as banking and finance. Coby has a strong multicultural philosophy and a solid background working with individuals, families, young people, the gay and lesbian community, students, couples, groups and people who are facing life and career challenges. He believes that a simple act of kindness creates endless ripples and he will do whatever he can to make the world a much better place to live. He is a strong advocate for social justice, diversity and inclusiveness, and he believes in being compassionate, accepting people as who they are.

​Bill Marron

Director Of Community Engagement

Bill has had a wide range of experience across many fields, and is a proud and active member of the LGBTQI+ community, with a strong commitment to the wellbeing, advocacy and support of that community. Hailing originally from an arts and design background, Bill had formerly worked as production designer in theatre, opera and film. In that capacity he was also extensively engaged in the development, sponsorship, events organisation, and the generation of advertising and promotional materials for the many projects he was involved in. More recently Bill has pursued an interest in socio-linguistics and his research has focused on language used in expressing sexual identity, ethnicity and sexual health. His passion is in exploring and challenging marginalisation and stigma within his community.

Raymond Hieu Tran

Director of IT and Communication

Raymond is an international student at Monash University. Beside  being a student, he is also a motivational blogger and a freelance developer who is passionate about building websites that people love using and make their lives easier. He is currently working as a coding instructor who guides and empowers Australia’s next generation on the journey of discovering and understanding this modern world. He believes that education is best when it’s does not feel like learning at all. His ultimate goal is to be an entrepreneur in IT and Education to create great impacts on people’s lives and make the world a better place.