About This Project


'My Rainbow Story' is an ongoing community project, raising awareness within society to help others to reflect, learn, and appreciate their own journey through reading other people's stories that affect their lives in many ways. We highly encourage you and others to share your story and you will never know how one sentence of your life story could inspire someone to 'rewrite' their own.

Why Sharing Your Journey With Others?

Listening to your own voice

It helps to think about your life as a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Be it a good one or a bad one, every story has a purpose in your life. Writing it down or telling it to someone else can help you impose that organisation on it, help you identify key events, and even help you just rehearse and remember the details in a way that helps you become the author of your own life.

Help Others
Helping others

Stories can be very healing and many people benefit from getting the opportunity to pass on their wisdom to others. This can be especially powerful for people who do not always feel that they have the chance to help others. Resilience is strengthened by recognizing that we are all experts in our own lives and we all have something to share with others

Re-affirming your values

The act of sharing your story in some way provides perspective and perhaps a reminder of what’s truly important to you. Telling your story in a big-picture way can help you remember what’s most important to you.

Finding peace, finding hope

Telling your story can be part of your healing process. People who have found their voice, shared their story, and reaffirmed their values, often find a sense of peace and a hopefulness that they did not have before.

The Rainbow Stories

“I went through my teens and twenties feeling ashamed of who I was as an Aboriginal person”

It means a lot for me to be an Aboriginal woman with a strong sense of cultural connection. It’s the foundations of one’s identity. For me as an Aboriginal woman I feel honoured to have the bloodlines running through me that belong to the oldest living culture in the world, and this country should be proud of that...

“Oh my God, I haven’t actually ‘lived’…”

I remember thinking when I was 25 that the most important thing was just to live life – to travel, to see different things, to experience life ‘in the raw’, to have great loves, read sublime literature, to learn new things, to have memories… My greatest fear was to reach the age of 80 and think: ‘Oh my God, I haven’t actually ‘lived’. Well, nearly a quarter of a century later, I continue to believe ...

“For months, I couldn’t forgive myself”

What is the biggest regret you have in your life and how has that affected you? If you have another chance, what would you do differently? ​ When I was 15, my grandma passed away and I didn’t know about it. My parents chose not to tell me because I was in the middle of high school entrance examination. They knew it would affect me if I was...

“It’s too late for him to do anything now and I never want to see him again”

My childhood was one of the worst memories I have in my mind. It started when I was very young, around 5-ish. I could still remember the incident vividly as if it happened yesterday. My sister and I were in the lounge room and she accidentally broke a vase. My father asked who did it and my sister pointed her finger towards me and accused...

We Welcome Stories From

Any individuals who are experiencing social oppression, stigmatisation, discrimination, abuse, violence etc.

Individuals living with HIV.

LGBT community

Individuals who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer (GLBTIQ).

Individuals who have a drug, alcohol, gambling, or homelessness issue.


Young teenagers or youth.

Anyone in the society regardless of your sexual orientation or circumstances, you are most welcome to share your story with us.